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1964 born in tarbes (f)
education as a ballet dancer in paris
1981-86 ballet dancer in bonn (d) and Bern (ch)
1989-91 training in photography at gaf in zurich
freelance photographer since 1992, member of swiss photographers agency



Duality and Separation

I was born the twin sister of Sophie Zoë in France and fell for symmetry right from the beginning. And as the world is big and life too short, I chose the splits between two languages, two countries, two professions.

First life

As a ballet dancer wearing a tutu, I swirled the stages in Bonn (D) and Berne (CH). Never fell into an orchestra pit but always loving a change of scenery. Ballet shoes put to rest.


Studying, filling-up. Colours, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings.The world at close. Not more, not less. In stereo and technicolour.

Second life

Stepping into the picture.The camera as a key to open many doors.The gate of the Zurich based photographers agency Lookat opened. Working out pictorial material over twelve years. Pictures scrutinised with a sharp look and imprinted on the mind. The good ones and the bad ones. Staging faces and bodies, getting into scene oneself through the picture. Artists, children, managers, people. Catching the game of life.


Great head jump, source of inspiration. The ultimate human experience. Paying attention tosmall steps and great progress. Laughing and crying at the same time, taking one thousand decisions a day for oneself and others. Attempting to capture life with all its rules and riddles.


Two-dimensional behind the camera, three-dimensional on stage. Realizing contents in different languages. With or without words. The poetry of all things is always important.

Third life

Promoting, placing and supporting dance and its creators. Dance expert in Switzerland and abroad for Pro Helvetia/Swiss Council for the Arts, then administrator of the company Metzger/Zimmermann/de Perrot, member of several national jurys and cultural boards, curator of the festival tanz:now.

Prices and awards

None. Though, winning a school competition at the age of seven. Had drawn two beautiful cows.

Fourth life

As long as possible. Enjoying everything, visiting all the market places of the world, taking quality time, boundless culture consumption. Avoiding sunburn.

Following an idea

Looking at live as a work of art. As there is only one life to live and it's only a draft.

Following yet another idea

Living a fulfilled life rather than striving for success in life.


Being reborn as a chameleon, true to its nature: adapting to the local colours and adjusting the focus on the surrounding 360 degrees. One eye steadied on micro, the other on infinity.